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AQIDAH ACADEMY | this is a comprehensive program that works on building the knowledge of Muslims Muslims will learn

teaching the students tajweed and the reasons are Revelations of the verses


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Get a student sponsorship

AQIDAH ACADEMY | if you want to get a student sponsorship with us to learn Quran Islamic studies and the Arabic language to whoever wants to learn but can’t pay

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Learn for free

Qur’an Online

AQIDAH ACADEMY | Reading the holy Qur’an program for beginners We will start with Noor El Bayan program for teaching.

how to read Qur’an? This program will help you to recognize Arabic letters and words and to read it with movements correctly The student.

will be able to read any page of Qur’an easily at the end of the program.

This program will help the student to start at learning Qur’an easily by Allah’s grace.

What do we provide for you?

Flexible educational programs

Flexible educational programs that suit all ages . We can device the educational programs that suit your personal goals and provide you with scientific consultations

Interactive learning lectures

Interactive learning lectures based on the most motivational elements to the active educational environment that excite the students' enthusiasm and makes them passionate to complete the learning process

A professional work staff

A professional work staff that is carefully chosen among the best Islamic academic universities professionally trained to achieve the students ' aims and the academy's vision

Competitive rates

It's enough that you possess that desire to learn and you will get to select the category that's best suitable for our work is purely for the sake of Allah.

العربية بين يدي أولادنا

Al Arabiyah baina yadai auladina

AQIDAH ACADEMY | The series is characterize by: checks integration between language, communication and culture.

adapts the most recent methods for teaching the foreign languages.

depends on great method by using  interesting functional graphics.

qualifies the student to study at the University in Arabic.

Enable the learner to: form right Arabic sentences grammatically and morphologically.

our students

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Ijaza program

AQIDAH ACADEMY | if you can read Qur’an well with 100 % accuracy  and want to get Ejaza in reading Qur’an to be able to teach Qur’an  , we have a special  program introduced by male and female sheikhs who have Ejaza, you can choose what is suitable for you.

Islamic Studies

AQIDAH ACADEMY | in Islamic studies part, The student will learn: The five foundation of Islam which are ( Shahada- salat- zakah- fast -hajj) learn Simply everything about the meaning of there is no God to be worshipped but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. learn the obligatory acts of prayer and its conditions. learn about zakah, sadaqah and the importance of helping the poor whether they are Muslims or not. learn about fast , its conditions, when it is obligatory and when it is prohibited. learn about hajj and its story which starts with Ibrahim, peace be upon him.

What do we provide for you?

Competitions and interactive programs with students of different nationalities to relate students parts around the globe

AQIDA ACADEMY |  Learning the Arabic language is the first step that opens for the road to deepen your understanding of the correct religion .

Widening the social circle for the students to get to know the Muslims worldwide and to exchange experiences with them. And so that Muslims would connect between the past and the present and open up to a bright future to serve Islam.

Our philosophy: I hear but forget and only see to then I can understand. However when I apply and practice what I learn in the correct manner only then that I comprehend