We will learn at this course

Who among people is most deserving of my fine treatment?

Calling to Right Guidance and Forbidding Evil

The Superiority of Greeting (Assalaam)

Politeness of Speech & Kindness of Meeting

Rights of A Neighbour Beauty vs Arrogance

The Strong Believer

The Influence of Friends

Cooperation Among Muslims

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We will learn at this course

  • Deeds Depend On Intentions.
  • Pillars Of Islaam
  • Mention The Name Of Allaah.
  • A Good Dream
  • The Sweetness (Delight) Of Faith.
  • The Believer Is Not Stung Twice..
  • The Superiority Of Greeting (Assalaam).
  • Politeness Of Speech & Kindness Of Meeting.
  • Forgiveness And Tolerance
  • Good Manners (Akhlaaq).
  • Muslims Must Love Each Other.
  • Prohibition Of Hatred And Envy.
  • Keeping Tongue And Hand From Offense.
  • Endearment Of Truthfulness & Caution From Falsehood.
  • Cooperation Among Muslims.
  • Prohibition Of Disobedience Of Parents And False Witness.
  • The Signs Of A Hypocrite.
  • Passing In Front Of Someone Praying.
  • Leaving The Things That Don’t Concern You.
  • Forbiddance Of Backbiting.
  • Rights Of A Neighbour. Beauty Vs Arrogance.
  • The Influence Of Friends.
  • Calling To Right Guidance And Forbidding Evil.
  • The Strong Believer.
  • Whoever Among You Sees Something Which Is Munkar (Evil).
  • Leave What Makes You Doubt.
  • Who Among People Is Most Deserving Of My Fine Treatment?
  • Allaah Does Not Look At Your Bodies Appearance.
  • Treat Well Even A Disbelieving

What we introduce for you

  • interview that includes exam to detect your level.
  • do a plan suitable for you or your children.
  • we teach you according to your level and the interview.
  • we tell you about the plan and discuss it.
  • teaching includes all skills and sharing the different Arabic cultures.
  • practice papers continously.
  • exam at the end of the level includes the four skills.
  • designing certificate on which your level written.
  • designing motivational video as a reward for the student for his/her performance.
  • Attractive and interactive environment for learning.
  • Online exercises and summer games for entertainment and excitement during the lecture.
  • Duties to practice and play papers for interaction.
  • Motivational videos that includes students names and they can share it on social media.
  • Graphics and learning schedules that are appropriate for all ages.
  • Professional teachers graduated from the beast universities as Al Azar university.
  • Flexible Schedule compatible with your needs and your daily schedule.
  • Continuous revisions help to improve your performance.

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