Media language

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Business language

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Diplomacy language

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Program Levels

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Media language

  • Learning the common terminologies in media which are used in public issues.
  • Comparison of the common terminologies in the news of politics, economy and sport.
  • Discussion the reports about wars and international conflicts.
  • Covering the highlighted stories as demonstrations, protests and international competitions.
  • Practice how to write reports in Arabic.
  • Analysis of the content he/she reads, watches and listens in the news.
  • Designing a practical project for every chapter.
  • Learning vocabularies used in Arab media.
  • Correction of the grammar of Arab media reports.
  • Asking for the legal proceedings to work as media professional.
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Business language

  • Learning business terminologies.
  • Practice using Arabic numbers.
  • Offering way below the asking price.
  • Studying business conditions in Arab countries.
  • comparison of business conditions between his/her country and an Arab country.
  • Project suggestion in an Arab country and doing benefit analysis.
  • Discussion of important economic news.
  • Documentation of his/her business.
  • Comparison of prices and services between his/her country and a visited country.
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Diplomacy language

  • Knowing the rules and protocols of diplomatic events in Arab countries.
  • Differentiation among Arab accents.
  • Specialization in certain accent efficiently.
  • Comparison of diplomatic protocols between his/her country and the target country.
  • Acquiring knowledge about Arab cultures.
  • Supporting the needy in accordance to diplomatic practice.
  • Discussion of the public issues as human rights and the freedom to demonstrate.
  • Coming into contact with Arabs to know much about them.
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  • Studying the principles of Egyptian vernacular.
  • Differentiation between Egyptian accent and other accents.
  • Getting to know the pattern of Egyptian accent.
  • Moderating a dialogue with a common person in the market.
  • Spending a day according to Egyptian traditions.
  • Realization of characteristics and morals of the Egyptians.
  • Speaking in Egyptian accent all the day in Egypt and then tell about that day.

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  • Online exercises and summer games for entertainment and excitement during the lecture.
  • Duties to practice and play papers for interaction.
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  • Graphics and learning schedules that are appropriate for all ages.
  • Professional teachers graduated from the beast universities as Al Azar university.
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  • Continuous revisions help to improve your performance.


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