General use of Arabic

Speaking series

Speaking series is considered one of the most recent educational series which qualifies the learner for

Speaking and understanding classical Arabic on his/her daily life


Listening, reading and understanding Islamic heritage in Arabic


Improvisation and delivery of speeches


Preparation of the student to study grammar


Teaching the common vocabularies for the student

Al Arabiyah Baina Yadaik

Enabling the student to use the common vocabularies

Enabling the student to write in Naskh and Ruqa

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In 2007, Arabic language academy in Egypt awarded this series the prize of the best author in teaching Arabic for foreigners.

Program Levels

The basic level

The basic level

At The End Of This Level, The Student Will Be Able To

  • Get to know people.
  • Introduce him/herself or friends.
  • Use  pronouns with males and females efficiently.
  • Use pronouns with the proper verb.
  • Talk about his/her family.
  • Use the different demonstrative pronouns.
  • Describe the class and the tools used in.
  • Talk about the visit to the restaurant and his/her favorite food.
  • Learn the numbers and recognize the prices correctly.
  • Describe the places accurately.
  • Tell about the holiday with his/her family.
  • Compare the weather between his/her country and an Arab country.
Pre-intermediate level

Pre-intermediate level

At the end of this level, the student will be able to

  • Know and speak about travel means.
  • Fill the form in the airport and book in a hotel.
  • Talk about the situations that happened during the journey.
  • Tell about the visit to the doctor accurately.
  • Speak in Arabic in the market.
  • Talk about his/her habits when he/she sells or buys something.
  • Describe accurately his/her school day or what happened in the work.
  • Compare between his/her country and the country he/she visited.
  • Tell about the memories during the journey.
Intermediate level

Intermediate level

At The End Of This Level, The Student Will Be Able To

  • Talk about people specs and his/her impression about them.
  • Tell about Eid.
  • Learn pillars of hajj and ‘umrah.
  • Discuss how much it is important to feel happy and safe.
  • Express his/her opinion in the important issues as pollution, the cleanliness of the environment and social media.
  • Compare some Arab culture landscape between  his/her country and an Arab country.
  • Share some proverbs and learn about its meaning.
  • Tell a summary about a historical character.
  • Discuss an scientific subject.
Post-intermediate level

Post-intermediate level

At The End Of This Level, The Student Will Be Able To

  • Read Tafsir and summarize what he/she understands.
  • Study Al Maton as Al-Ajurrumiyya and Al-Alfiyya of Ibn Malik.
  • Know about Hadeeth narrators.
  • Read some Fiqh books.
  • Compare some Fiqh opinions among the four Islamic schools.
  • Study examples of Islamic literature in prophet Muhammad Era,  all prayers and blessings of Allah be upon him,  the rightly guided caliphs era, Umayyad era and Abbasid era.
  • Rewrite some historical texts.
  • Study the prophetic biography.
  • Benefit from the life companions of the prophet and followers.
  • Write short story.

What we introduce for you

  • An exam is done to assess the student level to detect in which level he must start learning.
  • Each lecture is taught by using videos, records, academic games and other interesting methods.
  • Online exercises are done during the lecture.
  • Giving homework for the student.
  • We do an exam after each chapter to assess the student ability to learn.
  • Giving good revisions and solving the problems that detected by the exam.
  • Improvement of the four skills and making integration between them.
  • We associate the student life with the lessons he/she studies.
  • Exam at the end of the level.
  • Certificate after ending the level.
  • Motivational video to encourage and motivate the student.
  • Attractive and interactive environment for learning.
  • Online exercises and summer games for entertainment and excitement during the lecture.
  • Duties to practice and play papers for interaction.
  • Motivational videos that includes students names and they can share it on social media.
  • Graphics and learning schedules that are appropriate for all ages.
  • Professional teachers graduated from the beast universities as Al Azar university.
  • Flexible Schedule compatible with your needs and your daily schedule.
  • Continuous revisions help to improve your performance.


General Use Of Arabic