We will learn at this course:

  • The five pillars of Islam (shadah- salaah- zakah- fast- hajj)
  • Belief in Allah
  • Messengers of Allah.
  • Dua & zikr.
  • Prophet’s stories.
  • Creation of Allah.
  • Good & bad deeds.
  • Islamic calendar.
  • Muslim morals.
  • The pillars of Iman. (faith)
  • The day of judgement.
  • Jannah& Jahannam.
  • Divine destiny (qadar).
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in Islamic studies part , the student learn :

-The p.s of Islam which are ( Shahada – salat – zakah – fasting – the pilgrimage)

-learn everything about the meaning of there is no God to be worshipped but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah

– learn p.s and conditions of salat

-learn about zakah , charity and the importance of helping the poor whether they are Muslims or not.

– learn about fasting  , it’s conditions  , when it is a must  and when it is forbidden.

– learn about the pilgrimage and it’s story which tell us about the messenger of Allah Ibrahim , peace be upon him

p-s of faith in :

-faith in God , Angels , books , messengers and the Holey whether it is good or bad

Muslim morals :

( truth , honesty,  keeping pledge , just , benevolence )

By short interesting stories that help the child to deepen in three teachings of Islam indirectly.

Arabic :

If you think Arabic is difficult or your children find it very difficult to study Arabic then you have to join us to change your opinion.

Arabic may be actually difficult but the way we teach it , make it very easy for the old and the young

What we introduce for you :

  • Attractive and interactive environment for learning
  • Online exercises and summer games for entertainment and excitement during the lecture
  • Duties to practice and papers for interaction
  • Motivational videos that includes students names and they can share it on social media
  • Conceptions maps and learning schedules that are appropriate for all ages
  • Professional teachers graduated from the beast universities as Al Azar university
  • Schedule suits your needs and your daily schedule
  • Continuous revisions help to improve your level

30 MIN Class, 45 MIN Class, 60 Mins Class

Classes / Monthly

4 Classes / Monthly, 8 Classes / Monthly, 12 Classes / Monthly, 16 Classes / Monthly, 20 Classes / Monthly


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