Fath El Rahman:

The student will be able to:

-Distinguish among Arabic letters.

-Practice reading with short and long movements.

-Use the letters to form words and simple sentences.

-Read Qur’an with Tashkeel.

-Practice reading with Tajweed.

-Differentiate between Modood types as Al Motasil and Al Monfasil.

-Differentiate between narcotization and diphthongization.

-Use Qalqalah and distinguish its letters.

-Distinguish between Al Lam Ashamsia and AL Lam ALqamaria in listening.

-Distinguish between Taa marboota and  Haa marboota in use.

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Arabic key:

To be able to learn Arabic and read Qur’an easily you have to be able to do that first:

-know the difference between Arabic and the mother language

-recognize Arabic letters

– be able to pronounce the Arabic letters in different articulatory movements correctly

-practice reading singular words

-form simple sentences and read it

-read any chapter of Qur’an correctly

That’s what we introduce for you in Arabic key program which will help you to learn Arabic and read Qur’an easily.


30 MIN Class, 45 MIN Class, 60 Mins Class

Classes / Monthly

4 Classes / Monthly, 8 Classes / Monthly, 12 Classes / Monthly, 16 Classes / Monthly, 20 Classes / Monthly


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