Al Arabiyah baina yadaik series is characterized by:

1-The native authors developed it to become one of the most recent series in teaching Arabic for foreigners by using the best methods of teaching foreign languages.

2-The series includes activities and exercises books and the student book for scientific purposes.

3-Integration between linguistic, communication and culture.

4-The subject content differs according to the level. It is taught in the form of chapters which each contains different items and compositions.

5 – Each chapter and book has specific graphic that is suitable for the student level.

6 –Voice processing and acoustic phenomena were done in creative methods, in addition to text vowelization.

7 – There are many different exams to assess the student level and knowledge in the beginning, middle and end of every book.

8-The series cares about the teacher. It provides him/her with a book for each level which has the answers, some instructions to control the class, methods of teaching foreign languages, methods of skills and items presentation, how to do exams and exercises and more so the teacher book is a masterpiece.

 9-Thanks to God, the series is approved in more than 1200 universities and institutes around the world till now.


The holy Qur’an:

Reading the holey Qur’an program for beginners:

We will start with Noor El Bayan program for teaching how to read Qur’an.

This program will help you to recognize Arabic letters and words and to read it correctly .

The student will be able to read any page of Qur’an easily at the end of the program.

This program will help the student learn Qur’an easily by Allah’s grace

Learning the recital of the Qur’an:

In this program , the child will practice reading Qur’an with Tajweed correctly.

We will teach phonetic rules of Quranic recitation in an easy way and give examples which will help the child to understand it easily.

Many of texts will be taught as children’s masterpiece .

In this program , sheikhs have bachelor’s in teaching Qur’an and texts,  they are highly qualified.

The teachers use traditional and untraditional methods to encourage children on effective participation


30 MIN Class, 45 MIN Class, 60 Mins Class

Classes / Monthly

4 Classes / Monthly, 8 Classes / Monthly, 12 Classes / Monthly, 16 Classes / Monthly, 20 Classes / Monthly


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